Hi Friend,

Can I tell you how happy I am that you've found me?

Thrilled. Pumped. Over the moon.

Here's why: back in 1998 (pre-braces, heavy Sun-In use) I stood in front of my local library's pitiful YA section and realized that the book I wanted to read didn't exist. I wanted the same adventure and fun I'd fallen for in all my favorite childhood books, but in teen form. WHERE WAS THE ADVENTURE? I swore that I'd put it there. Then I turned and marched for the adult section. And I didn't forget. 

Since then, the YA world has exploded (1998 Jenna would be in actual, literal heaven), and eighteen years after my library declaration I was thrilled to send my own book LOVE & GELATO out into the world. It's been quite the road. 

Can I tell you the best part about becoming a published author? YOU. I mean that. You're kind, brave, authentic, and so good at being yourselves. It is an absolute honor to write for you. 

XO, Jenna